Tracey Alberti

Tracey Alberti

Program Coordinator
May Center for Adult Services
Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, Winter/Spring 2017

Tracey is amazing employee and human. She cares deeply about the individuals she serves. Any time a new intervention or support strategy is put in place, Tracey makes sure she knows it backwards and forwards and ensures all her staff run it correctly. Even when things are outside her job description, she helps in a patient and caring manner.

Tracey also works with individuals that have high rates of behavior. Within a year one individual has learned replacement behaviors for almost all his challenging behaviors. The rate of behaviors has dropped to zero for three months in a row while also increasing the rates of replacement behaviors. Tracey gets excited when her individuals learn new skills.

She engages staff and makes going to work enjoyable. She always makes sure she has enough staff and staff want to work at her house. Tracey works six and sometimes seven days a week when needed and never complains. In fact, she is always upbeat and positive. Any chance she gets, she talks about the great staff and individuals within her program.

Tracey is an awesome Program Coordinator. She is always available whenever there is an issue at the house she runs. The house is running very smoothly under her. She gets along with everybody and all the individuals are very happy when she there. Before she leaves shift she always makes sure the individuals are all set with their routines.

Tracey is always finding new ways to provide efficient and effective treatment. I have never met someone more caring, dedicated and passionate. She has been with the May for many, many years and I believe she will continue to work with the May for many more to come.

“Thank you for this award. Recognizing the rewarding yet difficult job goes beyond just me and I must share this with the fabulous, dedicated team of people I work with every day. I do what I do because I am a firm believer in ‘making a difference.’ This goes for supporting the individuals that I work with – past and present – as well as ‘passing the torch’ to the newer employees coming in. I have seen a lot of changes, shifts and transitions during the many years I have worked in Human Services. I see the May as in the forefront of positive changes within the field for not only the young adults coming into the adult residential division but for the older population as well.”
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