Thiphaphorn Lail<br/ >2019 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Thiphaphorn Lail
2019 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Lead Teacher
May Center School for Brain Injury and Neurobehavioral Disorders
Brockton, Mass.

Thiphaphorn “Tippy” Lail has been a dedicated member of the May Center School in Brockton for over seven years. Tippy began her career at the May working as an Assistant Teacher, and was promoted to Lead Teacher in 2018. Her dedication to her students is unparalleled, and she is constantly going above and beyond to further the lives of those she serves.

One of Tippy’s undeniable strengths is her ability to face each day with a smile, regardless of the challenges she may face. She never complains, but rather brings collaborative and thoughtful, goal-orientated ideas to team meetings, so as to focus on making improvements rather than dwelling on adversities.

She is able to keep all of her students actively engaged in learning, regardless of cognitive deficits or behavioral challenges. Serving students ages 10 to 13, she modifies curriculum and makes accommodations to ensure all of her students are able to access the lesson material, but beyond that, maintain motivation to participate throughout instruction.

The families who work with Tippy receive exceptional, ongoing communication and are lucky to have her on their multidisciplinary team. She is able to speak knowledgeably at team meetings, she can follow complex behavior support plans with high integrity, and most importantly, she has made a lasting impact on her students. She should be recognized for her hard work, amazing attitude, and commitment to her students.
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