Suzette Rosario<br/ >2019 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Suzette Rosario
2019 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Program Director
May Center for ABA Services
Savannah, Georgia

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Suzette Rosario is an outstanding leader, professional, and colleague. She is dependable, takes on extra tasks readily, and ensures the highest-quality care and treatment for our children and families.

Suzette is dedicated, caring, and puts her staff and clients before herself. She is an exemplary supervisor (proactive and supportive), and promotes a positive team culture in Savannah. She is an extraordinary role model for her employees. In the past year, Suzette assisted in consolidating our Georgia services. She transitioned into a new clinic space in Savannah to increase our capacity to provide access to underserved children on Medicaid in Georgia. Suzette handled a multitude of responsibilities beyond the scope of her position, including packing boxes, coordinating with movers, setting up the clinic, and meeting with families to review the transition from home-based to center-based services. Suzette is a tireless leader and handles situations with poise.

She is a supervisor who exemplifies the quality and positive impact that May Institute strives for in all programs. As the Program Director for the Savannah site, she is often the main contact point for the various needs that arise related to the services we provide. This means that Suzette must wear several hats at any one time, including, but not limited to, billing, QI, compliance, human resources, and clinical expertise. Suzette handles them all seamlessly and ensures that her staff and families receive nothing short of quality services provided at the level of care for which May Institute has become known.

Suzette was awarded the Employee Spotlight Award in 2019, read more.
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