Shelby Gentry

Shelby Gentry

Direct Therapist
Jacksonville, North Carolina

The Employee Recognition & Appreciation committee congratulates Shelby Gentry for being selected for an Employee Spotlight Award in 2018! The award recognizes the exceptional contributions of May employees. Winners are nominated by their colleagues, managers, and supervisors from across the organization. 

From Shelby’s nomination: Against all odds, Shelby has continued to excel in her role as a direct therapist. In recent weeks, North Carolina was rocked by a significant storm that resulted in devastating damage to the homes of our staff and families we serve. Shelby lost her home as a result of the storm, but has not lost her positive attitude. As soon as the office reopened, Shelby returned to work and offered to cover sessions for co-workers who were still dealing with the loss of their homes. Shelby has continued to provide clinical care with expected levels of fidelity, and has further supported her colleagues by sharing her recovery experiences (e.g. securing assistance from FEMA, disaster pay, working with insurance adjusters, etc.). She serves as an example of the type of dedicated staff that the May Institute is widely known for.

“It is such an honor to have been selected for the ERA Spotlight Award! To even be nominated for this award just goes to show that nothing we do goes unnoticed. I feel so blessed to be able to work with such a great community of people. Over the past month and a half, I have experienced some tough times in my personal life, but the people that I work with have kept me going. And seeing these kids reach their goals and the excitement that always fills the room when they do, fills my heart with joy! These kids are what motivate me to push through anything and everything and keep going and keep working”!
— Shelby

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