Ryse Caratini<br/>2020 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Ryse Caratini
2020 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Direct Support Professional
May Center for Adult Services 
Eastern Mass.

Ryse deserves special recognition for his outstanding dedication and flexibility. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Ryse was asked to leave his residence and work full-time in two different COVID-positive homes where many staff and residents had tested positive for COVID. He and three other staff covered shifts round-the-clock while infected staff took care of themselves and quarantined. This team came to be known as the "COVID Crew.” They kept the individuals safe and cared for them with consistent staffing and provided as much normalcy as possible.

Ryse has a quiet confidence that is reassuring to the individuals he works with. They respond well to his easy-going style. Even when asked to work with individuals he was not familiar with, Ryse jumped in and quickly bonded with them, which is not always an easy task. In a short period of time, the residents came to trust and appreciate Ryse’s compassion and highly caring way. Ryse helped the individuals in these homes get through a very difficult period of time when the uncertainty of the COVID situation was at its highest.

Ryse is always ready to step up and help out whenever he is needed. We’re lucky to have someone like Ryse who can always be counted on to go the extra mile when needed.
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