Rose Arruda, 2010 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Rose Arruda, 2010 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Medical Coordinator
May Center for Education and Neurorehabilitation
Brockton, Mass.

Rose Arruda has worked diligently to ensure the efficacy of the nursing department for the past 15 years. She keeps our medical records organized, helping all of us to work more efficiently. Her organizational skills are second to none, and they have a positive effect not only in the nursing department, but in other departments as well.

If anyone can’t find something, we just ask Rose. She accommodates any requests in a timely manner and pitches in on everything. On any given day, she has to coordinate multiply medical appointments for our students, and the paperwork required can be tedious. Because her endless hours of work take place behind the scenes, many will never understand the full extent of her job.

Rose’s dedication extends much further than the confines of the nursing department. Her mantra is, “Well, that’s what we’re here for, the students.” She is a reliable and compassionate listener with the parents and guardians, and always strives to give 100 percent in all she does. Rose is always there to lend a hand and share a smile. She effortlessly deals with difficult situations and sees the goodness in all those around her. She is a mentor, a friend, and an incredible employee. Rose’s work ethic is flawless and it never waivers. She is an ideal candidate for the Trustees’ Fund Award.

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