Robin Rocha

Robin Rocha

Administrative Assistant
May Center for Adult Services / Raynham Day Habilitation Program
Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, Fall 2017

Robin far exceeds the statement “above and beyond” when it comes to her job. Robin is the figurative glue that holds our program together. Robin is literally the person that will find a way to fix what you have broken, find what you have lost, pick you up when you are down and keep you moving when you are stuck. She is that caring person that ensures each day that all staff from the top to the bottom of the chain, has what they need to get the job done. The little things that you don’t think about, the big things you don’t have time for and the “other” things you just don’t want to do; she is there keeping an eye on it and keeping it moving. She provides a smooth environment during transition times.

Robin will also lend a hand and help shovel and salt the sidewalks during inclement weather. She is the man behind the screen making magic happen and when you need her most she pulls a rabbit out of the hat. She is that caring person that will take a moment out of her busy day to help and individual in a difficult time or lend an ear to a staff that is having a bad day or move a mountain to help you stay on the path. All of these things she does she still finds time to manage all of her own responsibilities. Everything she does with pride and thoroughness. I cannot even think of a more deserving person for this spotlight award then Robin Rocha.

In Robin's words:
"I appreciate having been nominated and receiving this award. The May provides staff with outstanding benefits. One of the best benefits for me is having a rewarding job I enjoy coming to each day. The best part of my day is when the individuals arrive at the day program each morning. I love to see their smiling (and sometimes grumpy!) faces as I welcome them to the program. I want them to feel like this is a place where they will feel happy, safe and cared for. My job has its challenges, but they do not compare to the challenges of our direct care staff. The true spotlight shines on the staff at the Raynham Day Program. Through dealing with behaviors, helping with personal needs, feeding, etc., I witness and I am in awe of how hard our staff work. I am happy to work in an environment where I truly believe we make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve."
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