Patricia Francis

Patricia Francis

Team Leader for the Adult Day Training (ADT) program
May Center for Adult Services in Orange Park, Florida

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, Autumn 2016

Pat is a tireless advocate for the individuals served by the ADT. She frequently goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the individuals are safe, comfortable and engaged in meaningful activities that support their independence. Additionally, Pat works hard to ensure her employees are informed, trained and motivated. She enjoys empowering and helping her staff  realize their full potential so they in turn could deliver quality care. Even in the most challenging of situations, Pat approaches her job with enthusiasm and love. She inspires her colleagues and staff on a daily basis and enriches the lives of the individuals served.

Most recently, Pat implemented a schedule of monthly events aimed at promoting awareness of various subjects including community safety, fire safety, exercise and nutrition. 

“I am both excited and humbled to be recognized for the work I do. What I do is never about me, it's always about the people I was called to impact. It is my personal belief that all of creation is full of Purpose, Power and Potential and the individuals I have the please to serve are no exception. What I enjoy the most is building strong staff— because when the infrastructure is strong, everything around it is more likely to survive and thrive. The individuals have been as much of a blessing to me as I hope I have been to them.”

Hired in May, 2005 as a House Manager, Pat has worked in Human Resources and was a member of the Clinical team, before assuming her current role as ADT Team Lead in August, 2010. 
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