Nick Wagner<br/ >2015 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Nick Wagner
2015 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Vocational Coordinator
May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Todd Fournier Center, Randolph, Mass.

Nick began his employment at the May Center School working as an Assistant Program Coordinator at one of our residences in Randolph. He later transitioned to the school where he worked as an Assistant Teacher, and was then promoted to the role of a Lead Teacher.
He transitioned to the Todd Fournier Center for Employment Training and Community Inclusion when it was opened, working as a Lead Teacher. He then transitioned into his current role of Vocational Coordinator. Nick has consistently demonstrated compassion for the population he works with.
Throughout his multiple roles within the organization, Nick has worked continuously to improve skill development and promote independence for our students. He has made strides in cultivating important relationships with community vendors in an effort to expand employment opportunities for the school student body population.
He has also worked diligently to expand internal employment opportunities for students by developing satellite work crews that complete vocational skills in the corporate offices as well as at the residential homes.

Congratulations, Nick!
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