Nancy Gajee, 2008 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Nancy Gajee, 2008 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Psychology Post-Internship Fellow
May Institute Behavioral Health Services
Walpole and Boston, Mass.

Nancy Gajee joined the May as one of our American Psychological Association interns in August 2006. As an intern she was noted by all supervisors to be outstanding across the board. Nancy trained at both the Walpole and Boston sites and had multiple responsibilities, all of which she handled exceptionally well. Nancy provided outpatient therapy to children, adolescents and adults in our outpatient clinics, ran CBT (cognative behavioral therapy) groups in our day treatment program and provided much needed treatment to inner city children in the Boston public schools. In addition to her astute clinical skills and evidence-based interventions, Nancy’s contributions to our clinical teams, her case presentations and her research acumen were all highly recognized and valued.

Following her internship, Nancy remained with us and took a fellowship position, which she currently holds. Over the past two years her responsibilities have grown – she has met each new responsibility with exceptional energy, intelligence and rigor. In addition to her clinical responsibilities, Nancy took over our Gym Program last year. She re-vamped the program to include a group for children with PDD, which was clearly a need in our area. Nancy also oversees our school-based program and was successful in adding an additional school to our network. Nancy is also the clinical provider in one of the schools where we provide assessment and treatment services.

This year, Nancy took on the additional responsibility of managing our research program. Nancy chairs our monthly research meeting and works closely with our staff and trainees to design research studies. She has also been successful in presenting data each year at national conferences. Overall, Nancy is an asset to our division and to May Institute. She is wonderful to work with, is an excellent collaborator and a great role model for our students and staff.

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