Michael McKenna<br/ >2016 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Michael McKenna
2016 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Assistant Director, Residential Services
May Center for Adult Services, Eastern Mass. 

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Michael McKenna has received a Trustees' Fund Award from May Institute's Board of Trustees. The award is given annually to a select group of employees who are nominated by their peers and supervisors. This year's recipients were honored at a ceremony at the organization's corporate offices in Randolph, Mass. What follows is an excerpt from Michael's nomination:

Michael joined May Institute in early 2002 as the manager of one residential home. In this role, he coordinated services for four adults with intellectual disabilities and other challenges, and supervised a group of staff who were responsible for providing direct care, implementing learning objectives, and teaching new skills to the residents of the home. Michael held this position for nearly 10 years, and made many improvements in the lives of the residents during this time. The residents benefited from Michael’s dedication, their families were thrilled with Michael’s high level of commitment, and they trusted Michael to provide outstanding care on a consistent basis. When he was promoted to Assistant Director of Residential Services, Michael became responsible for supervising several residential homes and their managers.

Not only has Michael demonstrated his ability to effectively supervise others, he has also taken the initiative to maximize his own potential. He routinely pursues professional development opportunities that allow him to move forward in the Field of Human Services and within May. Michael is invested in May Institute, and makes the effort to perform up to the standards of the organization and beyond; he expects those he supervises to do the same.

Michael is a trustworthy person who can be counted on to perform at a high level, advance the philosophy of the organization, and provide the best possible services to the residents in our care. Finding this combination of skills and abilities in a manager is something that deserves special recognition!

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