Maxine Underwood

Maxine Underwood

Program Coordinator
May Center for Adult Services
Eastern Massachusetts

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, Fall 2017

Maxine is an inspirational supervisor that encourages team work, always providing high degrees of thoughtfulness. In addition, she is very patient and is very detailed in her work. Her colleagues have said she is very compassionate and caring with high moral values and a remarkable sense of duty and always encourages teamwork. She has great leadership skills and is loved by all the individuals she works with due to her love for them.

Maxine stays positive and helps staff to improve on their performance. In the absence of the Program Coordinator, Maxine managed to keep the operations of the house running smoothly by making improvements and creating efficiency. Because Maxine possessed these outstanding leadership qualities, she received a promotion to a Program Coordinator!

In Maxine's words:
"What I love about May Institute is that the company stands by what it says. When I was in training they said if you put the work in you will go far in this company and it’s true. Traci Demarco has been such a blessing since I joined the May. She has recognized my hard work and dedication and has promoted me twice. My individuals are the reason I wake up and look forward to coming into work. When they arrive home seeing the big smiles on their faces makes my day. I love advocating for them and finding out the different things they can do and accomplish. I spend a lot of time watching them, talking to them, trying different activities with them to find their strengths and weaknesses. They are like my light at the end of the tunnel. Winning this award means the world to me because it will push me even more to do a better job so I can keep striving and continue to protect and serve my individuals. Everyone in Revere has been a part of my success and I thank all of them. "
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