Mary T. Seisay, 2012 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Mary T. Seisay, 2012 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Assistant Residential Teacher
May Center for Child Development, Residential Services
Randolph, Mass.

Mary has been with May Institute for four years. She is a very hard-working lady who continually goes above and beyond to make the house operate in a smooth manner on a daily basis.

Mary is very good at her job and, even when managers are not present, I know that she doesn’t just do her job, but also ensures others are doing their jobs too. I have observed that her efforts are always focused on the best interests of our students. Mary is always open to constructive criticism, and she never hesitates to voice her concerns regarding the students and/or the house.

During our recent house move from State Street to Maple Road, the team (from the veterans to the brand new staff ) put their hearts and souls into getting the new house ready. But Mary took on a leadership role. She put quite a bit of energy into packing up the State Street house and organizing the new house. She even took on the daunting responsibility of organizing the kitchen.

Mary has made it clear that the boys who live in the house are the reason for her ever-present devotion to Maple Road. They are the reason why she gives 100 percent effort each and every day she comes to work.

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