Marie Tovar

Marie Tovar

Program Coordinator
May Center for Adult Services, Eastern Mass.

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, Winter/Spring 2017

Over the past several months, Marie has stepped up to help run a neighboring home that needed additional support. Marie is able to do this since she has things running so smoothly at the home she directly oversees. She has been helping to support the second residence with various tasks - mainly taking one of the individuals to important medical appointments, ensuring these are completed and the necessary follow-up communicated and completed as well. Marie has also helped with staffing and other emergencies that have come up.

She is always willing to help and do extra when asked. The resident that Marie has been supporting with her medical issues requires careful and thoughtful support since she frequently does not comply with medical personnel and the exams they are trying to accomplish. Marie has an effective interaction style that is both easy-going but firm when needed. Marie has been able to build a good rapport with this individual by being creative and by "thinking on her feet" as different situations arise. The resident she has been working with has responded well to her style and the family is pleased with these efforts as well.

Marie has truly made a difference in terms of the medical care this individual has been receiving and that should be recognized.

“What I like the most working at May Institute is the fact that they care about staffs’ professional growth. For example, I love the Mentoring Program. It offers the staff the chance to learn about career opportunities in various parts of the company. Therefore, employees can grow throughout their entire career with May Institute. Additionally, I admire the way May Institute values and understands the need for diverse employees. Particularly, the Diversity & Inclusion Council shows me that the company believes that diversity matters and that “I matter.” Winning this award means a lot to me, I take a lot of pride working for May Institute and I am grateful and happy to receive it. Thank you all.”
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