Lisa Cook, 2009 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Lisa Cook, 2009 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Office Administrator
May Counseling Center
Walpole, Mass.

Lisa was first hired as a part-time administrative assistant for the May Counseling Center in Walpole, Mass. Since then, she has taken on more and more responsibility and has clearly had a significant positive impact on many levels. She took over the full-time position of her direct supervisor, became the Intake Coordinator for both of May Institute’s outpatient clinics, and supervises and trains administrative staff.

Lisa handles a variety of tasks with the greatest expertise and efficiency. She verifies the insurances of all new clients, coordinates paperwork, and works with the clinic director to assign the intakes to appropriate clinicians. She also works closely with our psychiatrist to help manage medication issues, and assists the billing department in getting insurance authorizations completed. In addition, Lisa has taken on the responsibility of community employment for a number of individuals we serve.

Her dedication to the well-being of our clients is obvious not only in her interactions with them, but in her advocacy for them with referral sources and staff. Lisa has truly gone above and beyond her stated responsibilities to provide outstanding customer service with a constant eye on the successful functioning of the clinic.

Lisa is exceptionally responsible and reliable and is always willing to take on new tasks. She thinks nothing of inconveniencing herself to help someone else. Lisa embodies the values and qualities of the ideal employee.

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