Linus Eyong<br/>2020 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Linus Eyong
2020 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Program Coordinator
May Center for Adult Services 
Cape Cod and Southeastern Mass.

Linus began his time with May Institute as an overnight staff member. He moved up to become an Assistant Program Coordinator, and is now a Program Coordinator. He is efficient and caring, and he leads his staff well. 

The program he supports in West Bridgewater was significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic during a peak in the spring of 2020. Between staff and residents in this location, nine people had the virus at once.

The Day Habilitation program the residents attended had been closed for a while, and the staff and residents had gotten used to more time at home, enjoying walks in the neighborhood, going out for scenic drives, or playing ball and frisbee at the park when it wasn’t busy. After the COVID outbreak, however, everyone was confined to the home. Some employees didn’t feel safe working, and the remaining staff worked very long shifts to continue to support the men. They often signed up for 12-hour shifts, and sometimes worked up to six days a week.

Linus took this very challenging situation and turned it into an opportunity to promote teamwork and bonding within the staff group. He had meetings to increase the frequency and depth of communication, gave regular pep talks, encouraged staff to take advantage of this opportunity to get to know each other better, and continually focused staff on the mission of supporting the men through a difficult and uncertain situation. His efforts worked, and they worked well. A few weeks later, staff reported they felt closer to their peers. They also got to know the men they support better, and could more quickly identify their wants and needs. 
Linus is an excellent supervisor who brings a lot to the home where he works, and his thoughtful approach to leadership makes him deserving of this award.
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