Laura Newman, B.A., BCaBA, 2009 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Laura Newman, B.A., BCaBA, 2009 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Middle School Classroom Teacher
The Bay School
Santa Cruz, Calif.

Laura Newman has been a dedicated employee at The Bay School (TBS), one of May Institute’s special education schools, for the past six years. She started as a direct care instructor and was promoted to classroom teacher three years ago. Laura’s dedication to her students and classroom staff are exemplary. She has developed into a leader at TBS, and this is reflected in the staff and parent satisfaction surveys that repeatedly highlight her outstanding performance.

Laura has also been instrumental in helping The Bay School grow and serve more students. She has willingly volunteered to take new students into her classroom and has helped ensure a smooth transition for students and staff as the school grew rapidly.

The following excerpts from a parent’s letter are indicative of how Laura is viewed by all of the parents of students she serves:

Laura has worked with my son for the past three years as his head teacher. Over the years, she has consistently performed above and beyond the call of duty in many areas.

Laura has done an excellent job in writing my son’s IEP goals. His goals have been appropriate and attainable.

Laura’s work ethic is phenomenal. She pays close attention to detail and makes sure everything is accurate (i.e. task analysis, behavior plans, ABC logs, etc.)

Laura’s performance in the classroom is outstanding. She is enthusiastic yet professional when working with my son and the staff.

Laura has been a tremendous help in working with me and our home staff to provide consistency between school and home.

Laura loves the kids and it shows in her work, her demeanor, and energy level. I feel blessed to have her as my son’s head teacher.

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