Kevin Miranda<br/>2020 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Kevin Miranda
2020 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Assistant Teacher
May Center School for Brain Injury and Neurobehavioral Disorders
Brockton, Mass.

Kevin Miranda has been a dedicated and valued member of the Brockton team for nearly a decade. Over the years, Kevin has developed into an exemplary employee. He is quick to take initiative and is an excellent role model for students and coworkers alike. In addition to his dedication to the program, he is a dependable, hard-working, and persistent staff member, even in the most challenging situations. The level of enthusiasm he brings to teaching his students each day and his willingness to take on increasing levels of responsibility without question are impressive, to say the least.

When the physical school building closed in March, our Assistant Teachers were suddenly the lifeline for continuity of care at our residences. Kevin quickly stood out as our “go-to” person at the Smith residence – not only from an administrator’s point of view, but by the teachers as well. Ask any teacher in our school that has a student at that residence, and they will tell you how Kevin helped get their student onto a Zoom meeting even when he wasn’t their assigned staff.

Kevin’s outward persona is carefree and funny. He can skillfully turn any conversation into laughter or a request to buy him lunch. But underneath the jokes is a man who is kind and honest. Kevin genuinely cares about the students. He is a great advocate for our students; not only when life was a little easier, but when our staff and the kids were scared.

We are truly grateful for his exceptional service.
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