Jose Sanchez, 2011 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Senior Program Specialist
Day Habilitation Program
Adult Services Division
Mashpee, Mass. 

Jose has been with May Institute for nearly 18 years. For the past three years, he has worked with Adult Services, using his knowledge and experience to help improve the program tremendously.

His initial experience was in Children’s Services where he demonstrated his understanding and knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis in his teaching, during his interactions with the children, and as he supervised staff. Jose worked as both a supervisor in the group homes and in the school. He was able to transfer that experience naturally and almost effortlessly to Adult Services. Jose is one of the crucial staff members who helped bring higher standards to our Day Habilitation program.

He has trained many new staff and has been an incredible role model for many within our professional setting. This has been an invaluable asset to May Institute. He also has a natural gift for providing a safe and nurturing environment and consistent treatment for all the individuals he serves. The results of his approach are visible daily. The staff members who have learned effective teaching and interaction styles from Jose have gone on to improve the quality of life for the children and adults whose lives they touch on a daily basis.

Jose has the unique ability to work with both children and adults who exhibit the most challenging behaviors and help them learn to control their behaviors and interact within their environments appropriately and effectively. His gift is that he makes this look easy, which is a statement that speaks to his remarkable professionalism and dedication. Jose enjoys his job and looks forward to the unique challenges it presents every day. And the individuals we serve and the staff we employ have all had their lives enriched by Jose.

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