Jessica Hamill, 2008 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Jessica Hamill, 2008 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Senior Teacher
May Center for Child Development
Woburn, Mass.

Jessica joined the Woburn May Center team with the opening of the program, transitioning from Arlington in September of 2005. She progressed from classroom teacher to senior teacher in 2006. Her strengths are innumerable, but what stands out the most is Jessica’s dedication and commitment to ensuring the highest quality of services.

Jessica’s classroom is a bright, cheery and inviting space where the children work on a variety of skills. She has been a role model for her staff in showing them how to reinforce their students. Jessica has a caring and thoughtful nature that helps the parents of her students through the difficult beginnings of being the caregiver of a young child with autism. She works with the families around their goals and carryover skills at home to see the best for their children. Jessica’s true caring for each child in her classroom is always evident.

Jessica has excellent skills in applied behavior analysis (ABA), including behavioral management, skill acquisition building and data collection and analysis. The truest testament to Jessica’s abilities is the impeccable implementation of the principles of ABA by her staff. Each person on Jessica’s team carries out these skills impeccably. All student information is up-to-date. When a new initiative begins, it is immediately and effectively put in place in her classroom. Jessica has been able to ensure a high quality of skills from her staff while creating a warm team environment. It is clear the staff enjoy working together every day.

Jessica is a terrific teacher and role model for all staff. She goes above and beyond her required duties to truly give back to the school. Jessica assists all classrooms, has been a rider in two Rodman Rides and is always willing to help out and show her dedication to May Institute as a whole.

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