Jennifer Suarez<br/>2021 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Jennifer Suarez
2021 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Registered Behavior Technician
May Center for ABA Services
Jacksonville, N.C.

Jennifer Suarez is a fantastic Registered Behavior Technician! She has been with our center for nearly two years and serves a lead therapist for training staff and working with clients with high-risk behavior.

Without being asked, Jennifer is always willing to stay past her shift and will approach each colleague offering a break. Furthermore, Jennifer has remained on-site past center hours to support clients who may require additional supports (e.g., de-escalation of ongoing high-risk behavior).  
Given where we are with this pandemic, staff interactions are limited, and we rely heavily on supporting each other. Jennifer participates regularly at a leadership level with feedback regarding clinic operations and offers solutions to address any inadequacies with service delivery or access to care. She regularly covers sessions for other staff members and requires minimal training to transition onto any new case.  
In addition, Jennifer is a part of several different treatment teams and does not hesitate to bring new ideas to the table in order to best address her clients’ needs. More specifically, Jennifer provides feedback on client successes, client barriers, methods of data collection, and parent concerns. She also does not hesitate to reach out to other members on the treatment team to ensure she is presenting tasks comparable to other members of the team. If discrepancies are noted, Jennifer initiates communication with the lead supervisor to ensure continuity of care for the client.

Jennifer consistently demonstrates an adherence to our ethical code in her clinical practice by addressing any concerns for health and safety that may need to be addressed as a mandated reporter. These situations can be uncomfortable, and Jennifer approaches them with the understanding that her role requires. She always puts the needs of her client first. As a case supervisor, I am always excited to work with someone as diligent and attentive to the needs of her clients and the services we provide.  

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