Jennifer McGee<br/ >2017 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Jennifer McGee
2017 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Teacher Assistant May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Wilmington, Mass.

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Jenny exemplifies a model May employee. Not only is she punctual, detail-oriented, and task-driven, but she is dependable and flexible as well. Jenny is a go-to for staff across the building and is always willing to help. She is a great communicator and works well with her classroom team as well as with staff across the program.

She is caring with her students and strives to ensure that programs are implemented well and with consistency. Her students make gains, and Jenny is always letting them know how proud she is of even their smallest accomplishments. Her enthusiasm for her students and her job is always evident.
In her role, Jenny is a great support to the Senior Teacher and fellow Teacher Assistants in her classroom. When needed, she is easily able to step into a role of mentor— assisting with any task in any way she can, from graphing to assisting with interviewing. She is a great problem-solver and many staff go to her for her opinion.

Jenny has been able to work with many students in crisis and is a strong support in this respect. She implements behavior supports plans with integrity. When we needed to put together an especially strong team to assist with a difficult transition, Jenny was one of the first people to come to mind. She assisted, even though it wasn’t for a student in her classroom, and was a perfect choice— confident, capable, supportive, and professional.

Since recently beginning her BCBA program, Jenny has become an active member of the Tier 3 team, clinical meetings, and BCBA supervision group. She excels at keeping up with her daily work, schoolwork, and tasks for her BCBA supervision, and is already doing excellent work with the Clinical Director. We know Jenny will be a wonderful Behavior Analyst and will continue to have the strong impact she already does!
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