Jenna Garvey<br/ >2016 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Jenna Garvey
2016 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Lead Teacher
May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, West Springfield, Mass.

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Jenna Garvey has received a Trustees' Fund Award from May Institute's Board of Trustees. The award is given annually to a select group of employees who are nominated by their peers and supervisors. This year's recipients were honored at a ceremony at the organization's corporate offices in Randolph, Mass. What follows is an excerpt from Jenna's nomination:

Jenna is an exemplary staff member who always goes above and beyond in her position. Over the past few months, staff turnover and the addition of new students and staff into the West Springfield School have resulted in many changes in Jenna’s classroom. Throughout this time, she has done an amazing job, taking the time to learn everything about her new students and training her new staff.
She made sure that interventions and programming were not compromised during this transition, and offered clinically significant suggestions to address some very challenging situations. She has a classroom of students with some very difficult target behaviors, and through this time she worked hard with the clinical team to come up with excellent interventions to decrease disruptive behaviors, while at the same time keeping staff morale high. Because of her support, positive attitude, and ability to identify solutions, staff are invested and follow her model by supporting each other during difficult times.
During this time, she not only continued to provide a high level of service to her classroom, support and guidance to her staff, she also collaborated with others in the school to streamline or improve existing systems. She is always available to contribute to the team, and continues to strive to make the program stronger.
Jenna is a critical member of our West Springfield team. Her hard work continues to make the West Springfield program better. She has more than earned the opportunity to be awarded a Trustees’ Fund Award.

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