Henrietta Tuitt, 2012 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Henrietta Tuitt, 2012 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Program Coordinator
Adult Residential Services, Eastern Massachusetts
Waltham, Mass.

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I measure all my group homes by one standard — would I want my child or loved one to live in this home? With Henrietta and the Waltham program, the answer is an overwhelming yes! The Waltham Apartments exemplify what a group home should be — clean and homelike, and cheerfully decorated every season of the year.

Henrietta brings out the best in the individuals she serves. She focuses on their strengths, not their weaknesses. Under her guidance, each woman in the Waltham Apartments contributes to the household at the level of her ability. And Henrietta is always encouraging them to achieve more. Although the women in Henrietta’s care are elderly, they are one of our most active groups. They attend church groups, social clubs, and Special Olympics competitions, and enjoy personalized vacations every year.

Ask anyone. Ask any of the guardians or family members about Henrietta’s commitment to “her ladies.” Ask any healthcare professional about her compassion and how she always has the best interests of the ladies at heart. Ask the service coordinator about those ladies’ quality of life. That’s all you can ask for, and Henrietta delivers daily, weekly, and year-round for that special group of ladies in Waltham.

Henrietta goes above and beyond in her personal touch service. She is dedicated to the individuals she serves and she is dedicated to May Institute. She has been with the May for over 15 years, and deserves to be recognized for her service and dedication.

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