Francois Tovar<br/ >2015 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Francois Tovar
2015 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Program Specialist
May Center for Adult Services, Eastern Mass.

Francois came to May Institute as a Program Specialist at one of our homes in Burlington, Mass.

Francois quickly became very comfortable working with the high degree of difficulty and behavior that exist at the adult program where he works. He took on additional assignments and fully assumed the duties and responsibilities of working one-on-one with one of our most challenging individuals, a position he has faithfully served with excellence for three years.

Francois worked very hard and independently on behalf of that individual. The improvements in her appearance, attendance at day program and medical appointments, and access to the community increased significantly with his service. He has shown excellent patience and the ability to address the needs of this individual, as well as the other ladies in the home. Sadly, that individual has passed on. Francois now has a similar role working one-on-one with an elderly gentleman. He is off to a great start in this position.

Due to the constantly fluctuating needs of the program, Francois has been asked to be flexible with his schedule, his personal time, and his duties to the program. He can also be counted on to assist with another program close by on a regular basis.

Francois has developed a very good understanding of the needs of the program, and works with his supervisors to solve problems and improve services and the environment. He can be counted on to deal with unusual or emergency situations and to communicate with other staff and supervisors. Overall, Francois is an easy-going person who is well liked by all.

Francois deserves special recognition for his dedication to May Institute and to the individuals in our care.

Congratulations, Francois!
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