Eza Barros<br/>2022 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Eza Barros
2022 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Randolph, Mass.

To describe Eza's outstanding service and dedication is really to just say three words — "The Eza Effect." This describes the sheer amount of joy she brings to our Core, our students, and our staff. 

A true gem of energy, compassion, and bursting with love for her students, Eza is a force of nature and a fierce educator. She wants big things for her students and works hard to help them achieve high standards for themselves. To see her interacting with students is to witness a true bond as connecting with others is certainly one of her biggest strengths. Similarly, her staff feels supported and encouraged, recognizing their importance to the classroom team because of Eza's guidance. 

She knows herself well and is always willing to accept feedback and engage in reflection whenever needed. This makes her an ideal model for staff in this area and one where such modeling is greatly needed. She is so real with who she is, why she is here, and what she expects from her staff for her kids that there is no room for lack of commitment in her classroom. That all teachers could be so inspiring to their staff and students!  

We count ourselves lucky to be able to experience the Eza Effect ourselves and work with her to continue to grow with her as a professional and as a human being. The Core wouldn't operate without Eza or the energy she brings every day and the camaraderie she fosters with her infectious spirit. She sets a standard for Core E in many ways in regard to her commitment and willingness to be a change agent in her students' lives. She's a valuable asset to our team, and we are thrilled to see her recognized for all of her outstanding work!

Nomination submitted by Jessica Cohenour, Yannick Schenk and Caitlin Kerr, May School for Autism and Develpmental Disabilities, Randolph, Mass.

Quote from her community:

"Eza works tirelessly with patience, boundless energy, and love for her students. My son is one of the lucky students in Eza's classroom. He joined the class over the Covid pandemic with a couple of new, concerning behaviors as a result. Eza assured me that "all behavior is communication" and that with work, she was confident that he could turn it around. She sets a perfect tone in her classroom with her upbeat and optimistic personality. This makes for a reassuring and upbeat classroom environment for the students and teachers. I'm happy to report that Eza was right about my son. In a few months, he has undoubtedly grown so much in Eza's care. Not only has he learned new coping skills and tools to address his feelings and behaviors, but he has also grown in other areas. His "grown-up" individuality is emerging. He is his own man! He goes out into the community frequently without any problems. I could not be prouder of him. I have no doubt that Eza's unfailing patience and persistence with him is a huge part of his success. I'm so grateful to Eza for providing that stable, loving environment for him to heal, learn and grow." – Karen Stickney, May Parent 

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