Elizabeth (Liz) Benoit

Elizabeth (Liz) Benoit

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, Spring 2016!
Liz Benoit is the Office Manager for the Hyland Clinic in Fall River, Mass. – one of the programs in our Behavioral Health division.

Liz began her career with May Institute in April 2000, and according to divisional staff, plays a pivotal role in keeping the Hyland Clinic running smoothly.

Multiple people nominated Liz. Her nominators describe her as a “collaborator who goes above and beyond the call of duty for clients, colleagues, and consultants”. Her efficiency and attention to detail and deadlines, while being professional, patient, and maintaining a sense of humor, are some of the many attributes her colleagues admire most about her.

In an environment where careful communication, gentle assertiveness, adherence to protocol, and boundaries are essential for all involved, Liz is applauded for having the skill and professionalism needed to be effective. She is an asset to the Hyland Clinic and to the organization as a whole.

When asked what she liked most about her job, Liz stated, “There is always something different happening that keeps my mind engaged. After 16 years with May Institute, I feel like I grew up here.  It's like home and the camaraderie with my peers makes it a comfortable home. I feel honored to have been chosen for this award.
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