Elizabeth Costa<br/ >2017 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Elizabeth Costa
2017 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Program Coordinator May Center for Adult Services
Cape Cod and Southeastern Mass.

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Betty is deserving of the 2017 Trustees’ Fund Award because, no matter the situation, she is always willing to go above and beyond. Not only is Betty a full-time Program Coordinator at one of May’s Cape Cod residences, but she has also graciously stepped up to the plate to serve as an Interim Program Coordinator at another residence as well.

She works tirelessly to ensure that the individuals at both residences are well taken care of, and have the best quality of life that we can provide for them. She works hard to coordinate staff schedules. When one of the individuals she serves requires additional services such as hospitalization, she goes out of her way to ensure that there is a familiar staff person there to meet that individual’s needs.

Betty ensures that all of her duties and responsibilities for both programs are met, and is always there when any of her staff, administrators or — most importantly— individuals, need her. She plans ahead to make sure that the individuals in both programs have fun activities to look forward to such as dinners out as a group, weekends away to New Hampshire, or something as simple as a one-on-one shopping trip.

Betty is certainly a wonderful example of a dedicated May employee who provides outstanding service and truly exemplifies May’s core values.
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