Elemi Ojeikere

Elemi Ojeikere

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, Spring 2016!
Elemi Ojeikere is a Program Coordinator (PC) in the Revere Day program in Eastern Massachusetts.

Elemi’s nominator applauds her energy, team spirit, willingness to cover classrooms, assist with behavioral interventions, help out with the residences, and even volunteer her time when needed in her busy and growing Day Hab.

Her supervisors state her positive energy and influence throughout her tenure as Program Coordinator have helped foster a collaborative and positive work environment at the Revere Day Hab. They appreciate her dedication to her coworkers, the individuals served, and to the organization as a whole. Elemi’s coworkers describe her as having “a big heart” and “contagious, positive energy” with them and the individuals she supports.

“What I enjoy most about my job here at the May is having this great, unique, irreplaceable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve people. I love the opportunity I am given each day to be able to help and support the people we care for. This job has taught me to be humble and patient. Service to others does have its own reward and I see myself as a successful person who is always looking for opportunities to help others, and not as an unsuccessful person who always asks: "What is in it for me?"

Hired in May 2014 as a Program Specialist, Elemi quickly impressed her supervisors and peers with her strong work ethic; she was promoted to Program Coordinator in March of the following year. 
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