Edwin Fobid, 2014 Trustees' Fund Awardee

Edwin Fobid, 2014 Trustees' Fund Awardee

Program Coordinator
Adult Residential Services, Eastern Massachusetts
Burlington, Mass.

Edwin works very hard and independently on behalf of the individuals in his care and in support of his staff. He has shown an excellent ability to contend with and address the everchanging needs of the individuals in the house.

Due to the constantly fluctuating schedules of these individuals, Edwin has been asked to be flexible with his schedule, his personal time, and his duties to the program. He attends many meetings and appointments for the individuals in his care, and has worked tirelessly on their behalf.

During the past year, Edwin has been dedicated to covering the needs of his house and providing guidance and assistance to his coworkers. Leading by example, he has taught his staff how to deal with unusual or emergency situations and communicate with each other in order to meet the needs of the individuals they serve.

Edwin is exceptionally qualified and willing to take on additional assignments outside of his home program. He routinely works in all of the North Shore programs, in many on the South Shore, and assists at the Revere Day Hab program. Edwin is the person many Assistant Directors call when they need special assistance or programming excellence. He is very experienced in dealing with any situation that arises, and always willing to help. 

Edwin has made many personal sacrifices to provide a high quality of life for the ladies he supports, and he is very deserving of a Board of Trustees’ Fund Award.

Congratulations, Edwin!

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