Eddie Kinney

Eddie Kinney

Assistant Director of Residential Services
May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Randolph, Massachusetts

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, Fall 2017

Eddie has been with May Institute for almost 14 years. In those years, he has gone from an Assistant Residential Teacher, to a Senior Program Coordinator and recently was promoted to an Assistant Residential Director (ARD) and has become a great source of support to the houses and Program Coordinators he supervises. Over the last six months, he helped open a new residential home and implemented systems to ensure the residence operates smoothly. In fact, Eddie did such a tremendous job, he was approached and asked to replicate these systems at the other established residences. He has provided significant support to new managers.

Program Coordinators find Eddie is a constant resource and is always available. Employees and students love to see him arrive at a residence as he is always upbeat and positive. Eddie is a great example of what May Institute stands for!

In Eddie's words:
"I am grateful and very humble for my Employee Recognition Award. I have been working for this company for almost 14 years. I have worked in many positions from a program specialist to an APC, PC and now an ARD. What I love about my job now is I get to continue to do what I have always loved to do in every roll I have had here at May. It's just simple. I continue to help the students, staff, and my peers grow as people. The students and staff here at the May are what makes this place amazing every day. Just knowing that I have had a hand in making or changing students' or staff's lives for the better. There is no better feeling for me. Working for the May and under the people I have worked for has not only made me a good employee, but it's made me a better Dad to my own children, family member to my family, and a better person period. I guess my message is that it's the people I work with and for, and the students -- that's what I love most about my job. And knowing that if I just reach one staff member or one student in that day of work, that is what makes it worth coming back the next day."

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