Debra Ellis

Debra Ellis

Payroll Manager
Corporate Office, Randolph, Massachusetts

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, Winter/Spring 2017

Debra has been a dedicated and loyal employee of May Institute for the past 19 1/2 years. She continues to make sure that the HRIS system is up to date and she is completely knowledgeable in all aspects of Payroll. She strives to make sure that all employees are paid on time even if it means to work during her own time on the weekend and or holiday.

Deb continuously and faithfully demonstrates her positive abilities with grace and lots AND LOTS of patience. Deb is the kind of manager who goes above and beyond her job responsibilities on a daily basis. Deb is always helping other employees, managers, and directors with creating excel spreadsheets, running specific specialized reports, setting up software, etc. Deb is completely the go-to gal for all issues relating to ADP, excel, access and much, much more. She never says no to helping anyone as she truly enjoys her work and making sure things are done right.

A new employee said recently how Deb took the employee "under her wing," and "has been holding my hand as I learn my job, and made sure I felt welcomed as part of the team. She is extremely patient with me, understands when I make mistakes and walks me through corrections which I appreciate. I am very happy to be working at May Institute for such an amazing manager."

It is important to recognize Deb for her knowledge and dedication. 

“Working in payroll is very fulfilling. I get to work independently which gives me the feeling that I am trusted to do a good job. We strive to make sure all our employees are paid correctly and try to make sure payroll problems are minimal. I like to troubleshoot problems even if they are not mine and brainstorm about things that can make the job easier. It's really great working with people that care about the company and doing a good job. It’s also great to work for a company that values their employees. I appreciate this award for doing my job and helping people in need but to me, it’s all in a day’s work."
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