Congratulations Jack Deoliveira

Congratulations Jack Deoliveira

Please join us in congratulating Jack Deoliveira, Adult Services, Eastern Massachusetts, on his 25-year anniversary at May!

The reason I've been the May Institute for a little bit, is due to the joy of seeing the progress that we make in peoples’ lives. We don't always see progress on a daily basis, but when you years, you can see how far we all have grown. And by "we" I not only mean those we serve (our main focus), but the May organization, myself, and especially the staff who work on a daily basis to make sure that we do our best to enrich the lives of those that we serve. But it is watching the Individuals grow and learn new skills to enrich their lives that has kept me grounded and so thankful to work for this organization.

Jack Deoliveira, Adult Services, Eastern Massachusetts

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