Christina Smith

Christina Smith

Assistant Program Coordinator
May Center for Adult Services, Eastern Massachusetts

The Employee Recognition & Appreciation committee congratulates Christina Smith for being selected for an Employee Spotlight Award in 2019! The award recognizes the exceptional contributions of May employees. Winners are nominated by their colleagues, managers, and supervisors from across the organization. 

From Christina's nomination: Christina has given May Institute nearly eight years of phenomenal dedication, hard work and compassion! In addition to the daily routine, she goes above and beyond to assist with appointments, extracurricular activities in the community, last-minute coverage, paperwork help, and so much more. Working with Christina is so nice because she knows her duties and completes them with pride, dignity, and selfless gratitude. She is an asset and leads by example.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank the ERA nomination committee for creating the Employee Spotlight Award. It takes a special type of person to be able to work in human services, and sometimes it feels as if the hard work and dedication that we put into our job goes unnoticed. I am happy to see that amongst many other employees who dedicate themselves to making the lives of the individuals we serve much better, that I was recognized. I enjoy working here at the May, and enjoy even more making a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve. From the simplest smile, to making sure their needs are met simply warms my heart. I have gained so much experience from working in many of the residences as well as training Assistant Program Coordinators (APCs) and Direct Care staff, and now I am an APC myself. Seven plus years of dedication, and I couldn’t be any humbler to receive this award. The sky is the limit.”

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