Christina Bock Giuliano, 2011 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Clinical/Program Director
May Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Clarksville, Tenn.

Christina is currently the Clinical/Program Director of the May Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Clarksville, Tenn., a Center that serves military and civilian families in Tennessee and Kentucky. She was trained in our Columbus office and then dispatched to Tennessee to build caseloads, familiarize potential clients in the area with our services, and hire staff. She has accomplished all of these tasks and more.

She has been responsible for the clinical and operational leadership of the Clarksville office since its inception just over a year ago. In this time, the site has grown from a single staff person (Christina) to a six-person office. This growth has enabled the Clarksville Center to provide over 300 hours of service to families each month.

Christina is extraordinarily kind and works around the clock to help military families in need of our services. She is consistently available to support her community, and regularly provides presentations and trainings to families, medical professionals, and military members. A brilliant clinician who is respected by her peers, Christina is committed to providing the highest quality ABA services in her area. She was recently awarded new contracts with two nearby school districts. And during a very busy year, she found time to co-author an article for Exceptional Parent magazine.

Christina is also an outstanding administrative leader. She has moved quickly to understand her office finances as well as vital Human Resources information she needs to run an office. Christina seeks support when she needs it, and was recently successful in working with the Facilities department to locate and secure an office space for her staff.

The success of the Tennessee office is undoubtedly due to Christina’s commitment and her willingness to accept any challenge head on. She exemplifies many of the outstanding qualities that a Trustees’ Award winner should have.

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