Chloe Watson<br/>2021 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Chloe Watson
2021 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Director of Day Services
May Center for Adult Services
Randolph, Mass.

When Chloe began at the Randolph Day Habilitation Program, it was clear very early on that she was highly motivated to have a positive impact on the program. She approaches each day with a smile and pleasant manner, regardless of the situations that present themselves. 

When the pandemic began and the program closed, Chloe did not let that get in the way of continuing to deliver exemplary services. She implemented multiple Zoom meetings for each individual throughout the day and week. From music, to exercise and yoga, to reading groups and informational sessions, Chloe took a bad situation and ensured that the individuals we support felt engaged and included with their peers and staff. Chloe displayed her leadership early and often and never let remote services get in the way of her plans for inclusion. Oftentimes, the activities she led were duplicated in other locations because of the impact they were having. 

When the program was able to open back up, she ensured that the classrooms and staff were prepared to function in a fun, yet safe way. From the small details of new decorations to the larger scale morning meetings and activity groups, Chloe shined. All the while she was furthering her own education by working toward a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis.
Chloe’s kind manner, commitment to excellence, and organizational skills embody that of an ideal human services professional. I am grateful to be her colleague. Each individual we serve enjoys a better quality of life because of Chloe. 

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