Caitlin McMahon, 2010 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Caitlin McMahon, 2010 Trustees’ Fund Awardee

Staff Psychologist
Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinic
Randolph, Mass.

Caitlin began working at May Institute as a pre-doctoral APA intern at the Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinic two years ago. As an intern, Caitlin was extremely motivated and diligent and emerged as an outstanding young professional. Because of her exceptional skill set, we offered her the one post-doctoral fellowship slot at the clinic. Again, Caitlin’s performance exceeded all expectations and thus, the following year she was offered a position as a psychologist at the clinic.

Everyone who has come in contact with Caitlin agrees that she has done an outstanding job both clinically and as a supervisor. She has consistently taken on more responsibility and clearly has had a significant positive impact both on the clinic as well as on all of the lives she touches.

Caitlin’s dedication to the Institute, the individuals she assesses, and all of the students she supervises is evident daily. She is available to all of the students who consistently report that she is an exceptional supervisor and mentor. Caitlin’s clinical skills are exemplary. Her intelligence shines through in all aspects of her work as well as in all team meetings.

Caitlin’s dedication to our clients is also evident in her capacity to go above and beyond what is expected of her. She never hesitates to take on additional work or “squeeze” a client in, if necessary. She is also a wonderful advocate for all of her clients, seeking resources to meet their needs. Her contribution to the clinic is obvious not only within the confines of our walls but also in how she interacts with other professionals and in the community.

Caitlin is an exceptional clinician, mentor, and May employee. She is an outstanding example of an individual who reflects the values and mission of the May Institute.

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