Amy Nunez

Amy Nunez

Employee Spotlight Award Winner, Summer 2016
Amy Nunez is a Senior Instructor in The Bay School (TBS), a May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities located in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Amy’s nominators describe her as an “exemplary employee” whose level of enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism serves as a role model for all employees. Her ability to consistently demonstrate kindness and patience in a classroom of students with severe behavioral challenges and communication deficits is noteworthy. Amy’s supervisors state that it is her demeanor coupled with her exceptional clinical skills and willingness to work through challenges that have enabled the students in her classroom to thrive.  
“I am inspired by the dedicated TBS employees, parents and most of all, students. When I first started working for TBS, I knew I wanted to help children with special needs, but I didn't know the depth and scope of the affect these kids would have on me. Every day they teach me something new about life and help me discover things about myself that contribute to my professional and personal growth. The light that shines on me is a mere reflection of the brilliant light the kids shine on my life on a daily basis. I am truly blessed and grateful to be a part of something so unique and beautiful."

Under her guidance and leadership, Amy’s students have learned how to communicate their needs and wants without engaging in destructive or disruptive behaviors, allowing them to fully access their learning environment and their community.

Hired in August, 2010 as an Instructor, Amy was promoted to Senior Instructor in September, 2015. In addition to her classroom duties, Amy helps to train new staff and actively participates on committees geared at improving school-wide systems and processes.  
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