Alexander Johnson<br/>2021 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Alexander Johnson
2021 Exceptional Service Award Recipient

Direct Therapist, Boston Public Schools
School Consultation Services
Randolph, Mass.

Alex Johnson is a Direct Therapist on Team BPS (Boston Public Schools). He has worked at several schools in BPS since beginning with May Institute in 2019.

Alex has an incredible way of immediately becoming an integral part of the classroom and his students’ lives. He teaches students many valuable skills, such as how to use coping strategies (i.e., different ways to calm down), request help, and socialize with other students.

During the COVID-19 school closure, Alex provided invaluable and captivating sessions via Zoom to each of his students (30+ hours per week). Currently, he is working at a school with a program for kids identified as “emotionally impaired.” Every day, Alex takes public transportation across the city to work with these students and demonstrates incredible patience and clinical expertise when working with them.

Staff at the school have specifically told one of my BCBAs that they do not ever want May Institute to leave (i.e., have their school go to another contracted service provider) specifically because Alex is such an incredible person to work with and works so well with the students. 

Alex began a master’s program this year in Boston to continue working with kids in a therapeutic way as a social worker. Despite attending graduate school and having to travel a long distance to the school, Alex is always professional and engaging with his students. Alex is an exemplary Direct at May Institute, and he has my highest recommendation for this award. 

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