Kevin Sheridan
2018 Trustees' Fund Award Recipient

Assistant Clinical Director
May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Residential Program
Randolph, Mass.

Kevin has cared for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities in several different capacities over the years. His work at May Institute began over two decades ago, when a young Kevin could be found every Saturday in the cafeteria at the Chatham school, making peanut butter sandwiches and reheating leftovers. He wasn’t yet permitted to cook and prepare the meals, as he was only 14. Kevin left the May for a time, graduated from college, and later returned as a direct care professional in a Chatham group home. After the Chatham school closed, Kevin moved, along with the remaining students, to become the Assistant Program Coordinator for a new group home in Randolph. He later served as a Developmental Specialist and then an Assistant Clinical Director (ACD) in the adult day-habilitation program. In 2012, he transitioned to children’s services in this role, where he continues to excel as a knowledgeable, dependable, and skilled clinician.

Kevin’s operational understanding and clinical background are indispensable to Randolph’s residential program. He provides ongoing clinical support for his students, and effectively supervises and advocates for his staff. He has managed the clinical programming for numerous students over the years, many of whom are no longer on his caseload. His familiarity with past students is highly valued; he frequently assists with their Behavior Support Planning trainings, provides clinical information for meetings, and provides other forms of support when necessary. Moreover, on more than one occasion he has successfully supported teams through extraordinarily challenging behavioral crises, using effective leadership and sound judgment.

Kevin makes a point to understand the needs of his houses and actively addresses them. He has developed a great rapport with staff, and has established effective communication with families, supervisors, and all employees who have a stake in the clinical outcomes of his students. Kevin is a team player who exemplifies the committed, competent, compassionate core of people that make May Institute aMAYzing. (Notably, a dedication to service excellence presumably runs in his family—Kevin’s mother, Michel Sheridan, was one of the first recipients of this very award!)

Thank you, Kevin, for all that you do, and for the great, positive impact you have had on the individuals, families, and communities we serve – you are truly deserving of a Trustees’ Fund Award.
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