May Institute

Day Treatment Programs

Walpole, Mass.  •  Transitions Program for Young Adults

The Transitions Program for Young Adults, located in Walpole, Mass., is a specialized program that provides dedicated, comprehensive, and effective services for the unique needs of young adults with mental health issues, aged 18 to 28. Our staff believe in recovery and support as we help each person meet the challenges of the recovery process. We engage each person with passion and optimism, and offer inspiration. Each person is directly involved in the development and implementation of his or her treatment plan. Treatment focuses on skills training, symptom management, independent living, healthy lifestyles, and vocational/educational planning.

Walpole, Mass.  •  New Beginnings Program

New Beginnings, also located in Walpole, Mass., is a specialized, comprehensive program for adults with chronic and persistent mental health issues, aged 28 and over. At New Beginnings, our staff are enthusiastic in helping each person succeed in accomplishing individual treatment goals. Like Transitions – Young Adult Program, each person is directly involved in the development and implementation of his or her treatment plan. The program focuses on helping people build new skills to manage the symptoms of their illness, and to be more independent and involved in their community.