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Research Developments Newsletter

Research Developments, the newsletter of the May Center for Applied Research, is designed to inform lay readers about May's latest research initiatives, publications, and conference presentations. Each issue includes a featured report describing a completed research project, published article, or “work in progress,” as well as personal profiles and accomplishments of institute professionals. Click here to view the most recent issue of Research Developments.

Newsletter Archive

Issue 12 - New Autism Book Published

Issue 11 - Staff Training and Performance Improvement

Issue 10 - Positive Behavior Support

Issue 9 - National Autism Center; Intervention

Issue 8 - Behavioral Pediatrics

Issue 7 - Autism; Adult Mental Retardation

Issue 6 - Autism; Early Intervention

Issue 5 - Anger Management; Psychopharmacology

Issue 4 - May South Research Initiatives (No longer available)

Issue 3 - Behavior Management in Public Schools

Issue 2 - Brain Injury; Instructional Technologies

Issue 1 - Mental Retardation; Pica Behavior