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West Springfield - May Center for Early Intervention

The May Center for Early Intervention serves children from birth through age three. Our early intervention services incorporate applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques and “best practices” in early childhood education. We offer all supports within a child’s natural environment, and are proud of our reputation as the first early intervention provider in Massachusetts that has pioneered the Department of Public Health’s initiative for the use of community-based services.

Our May Center staff accompany enrolled children to their own day care facilities (centers and family homes) where we encourage peer modeling and facilitate small group activities. The child’s team (which includes the parent(s), the day care staff, and May Center staff) work creatively to ensure that all identified services are offered in a manner in which the child is not excluded from any activities while attending his/her day care. Therefore, speech, occupational and physical therapies, and educator supports are held during activities organized by the day care staff.

For those children who do not participate in a day care, May Center staff provide all requested services in the child’s home.

Description of Services:

  • Educator
  • Speech/Language therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Registered nurse
  • Licensed Social Worker
  • Bilingual supports (Spanish)
  • Community play groups
  • Parent-initiated play groups
  • Parent training workshops
  • Day care provider training workshops